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Just "got in"

2009-10-19 11:15:24 by KaerDK

Today i got in to the Newgrounds community. I'm from Denmark, so my english/ "Americanish" is pretty bad in comparison to a real American/english.. dude...

So here i am, all FRESH and ready to uploade some flash movies :D

Just "got in"


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2009-10-19 12:19:13

Cool! Welcome to Newgrounds!

KaerDK responds:

Thank u XD


2009-10-19 12:25:29

Americanish isn't a word.

And I'm ready for your flash movies to suck ass.

KaerDK responds:

I know americanish isn't a word jackass, thats why it had the "" thingys. And i know that thingys isn't a word either. Be cool :)


2009-10-19 14:20:50

wow! first step to become a great flash deeveloper! :D WELCOME!!! MUAHAHAHA!


2009-10-19 18:07:26

Woaw! Wartooth118, be the first to just kick him right in the nuts from the start. Phew, well welcome and don't listen to Wartooth118, he is bad for you, and he is not even alive :S